I know I know, I thought I could come up with a snappier headline than that TOO!


HI! I know that EVERYONE who has been getting links from the BUSINESS site,
wished that they had a PERSONAL site that they could remember.

(After all www.phoenixfinancial.org/charlie is rather a mouthful).

So Here we are, we will provide linking back and forth, but for the most part

                                                 WWW.PHOENIXFINANIAL.ORG will remain our HOME business site

                                                        WWW.The Hess.ORG will be home to our friends and family!

                                                If you're looking for Michele or I you will find direct links to our

                                            new, easier to remember, email addresses below!

                                                        If you need to tell us about something that you'd like to see, or

                                                MAYBE a slight error, like a typo etc. Feel free to let us know:

                                            However, UNTIL then, try THESE on for size:

                                            For "fun" we have our ministry of giving back to the community:


            and then our newest business venture:

you wont be sorry, because we know WERE not!

Best of all cruise on over to

and see what THATS all about

  I'm 4 books in and YOU can be too!