You know, MOST men won't even ADMIT to having a mid life crisis, much less publish it on the WEB!                
But unfortunately MOST guys 'crisis' would cause HUGE problems for themselves
and many others if anyone else knew about it!

Flashy new sports car? Nope, I figured out a LONG time ago that until I can have
a 1985 Prosche 930 Convertible Turbo with an RUF conversion, than I really dont
CARE what I drive.

20 something girlfriend? Definately not my style. For one thing it tends to be
REAL hard on a marriage, and THAT makes it even HARDER on the wallet.
PLUS, I can't STAND talking to stupid women, and most 20 somethings just dont
seem to have much more than helium going on upstairs.

AH HAH! I got it. You want to grow your hair long give up all your
responsibilities and go back out on the road with "the band" to
become a groupie slurping rock star!
OK, now THATS pretty close, but to see the REAL thing try THIS!