Ranger Work 1st Quarter of 2014

If your son has lost misplaced or just cant find his paperwork for rangers please feel free to download these.

Although we are performing most of the badgework in class, please recognize that one of the HOME

Assignements requires them to choose a school subject (if they attend FCA ask thei teacher, they know about the badge),

that they want to improve in and practice that subject an ADDITIONAL 10 minutes per day (or more) 5 days a week 4 consecutive weeks.

You the parent will need to initial their work.

As with all home work, this is based on the honrs system and we are trying to help your boys perform better in school!

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If your boys need LAST Quarters work, click the link below


Becasue there were so many pages I archived it using 7zip, having issues?

Download it free from here:


and IF your boys participated in CAR CARE, check here!