You know every now and then I come across some things that I think can help some fo my friends, but THIS time I REALLY think I have out done myself. As you may or may not know Michele and I
are developing an Training Business which will have an Information
Marketing component. As such I have been studying everything I
Can "find" to help minimize my mistakes. Over a year ago I started
writing my 1st book. This month I will publish 3 with a fourth in
January. Recently I watched a video, part of Eben Pagans
"Guru Blue Print program" that talked about writing a book in 3
weeks and after watching it realized that it was 100% legit.
Since most folks I know dont have $5k to invest in the program I
Wanted to make sure you had an idea of what you would be getting
if you DID want to invest/ Here's Ebens address:  
for the Vid file use VLC
and the text file is

Have fun, and please for bandwiths sake download and save, dont
try and view online!