Using my Linsys router as a regular ethernet switch!

        You know, you work with PC's as long as I have, and what with the FOUNDATON
        You tend to accumulate SOME things, and then never have ENOUGH of others.

        For example, I have 3 perfectly good wireless routers at my house.

        ONE: Provided by my ISP that I HAVE to use, and two others that I bought
        to try and use pc's in my bedroom.
        Regular old switches however, those dont last in my house, they ALWAYS
        seem to get hit by lightening 1st, and ZAP out the fastest.

        Now there NOT expensive, but when you have 4 routers capable of DHCP etc.
        You CERTAINLY arent going to need them all. So I searched the net and did LOTS
        of experimenting, and came up with a way ti put my Linksys 300tn BEHIND my ISP's
        router, and get an extra 3 ethernet ports. Saved my self $11.95 AND got N wireless to boot!

        I think tonite I'll try putting my G in the loop as well, I can always use more ports.
        Anyway, if you find yourself in the same boat, try THIS. It may work for you, save you
        a few $$$$ and LOTS f hair pulling.