Elizabeth and Wednesday!

Sometimes in your life people pass through that are so amazing that even if they are only IN your life for a moment, they change it forever!

I have been lucky enough to encounter several such people in my life, 

one of the MOST amazing and the longest standing of those relationships has been with Elizabeth.

How we met isn’t as much fun as the rest of the story, About 2 years after that Elizabeth found herself pregnant and made the courageous decision to do her best to raise the child on her own. THAT’S when the fun began.

Elizabeth had ALWAYS been a bright, beautiful, intelligent light in the world, 

but the changes that came about THE DAY SHE MADE THAT DECISION were AMAZING.

Like many 20 something’s she had been living a lifestyle fooled by late nights and fast food, 

that DAY she threw EVERYTHING out of her fridge and pantry and started over,

her body became the pure and natural temple upon which this new life was to grow.

Thats Wednesday in the Middle.

And PLEASE lets not for get that life. 

Wednesday, has her mothers beauty and charm and intelligence and well EVERYTHING. 

It was through my relationship with her that I was able to demonstrate to Michele, that I REALLY did love kids.

She's Definately a "God's Girl", just ONE of the many reasons we love and respect her so much

Please take a minute and look through these pictures, which unfortunately do very little to capture the beauty and the light that just BEAM from this pair.